Second Havana Harbour Charrette - March 2008

Apr 9, 2011

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  Design Studies and Recommendations:

  Old Havana and Atarés: Part - 1

The proposals of this sector build on the recommendations of “The Master Plan for XXI Century Havana.”  Specific comments are ordered by the following locations:


Calle Cárdenas / Central

Old Havana Waterfront

Tallepiedras Power Station / Fortaleza de Atarés

Fortaleza de Atarés Waterfront

Atarés Docklands.


• Create dynamic features in front of the Capitolio along with limited parking restricted to vintage taxis.

• The Capitolio could also be given a laser beam for lighting it as a landmark in a manner similar to light shows shortly after it was built.

Calle Cárdenas / Central

• Move the MetroBus terminal locations to an area south of the train station to calm traffic in the Central Park and Fraternity Park areas

• To continue the ‘essence’ of the Paseo del Prado connection to the harbor, Calles Cienfuegos and Cardenas would be converted to planted woonerfs – streets where cars are forced to subordinate to pedestrians and bicycles.

• In keeping with official planning recommendations, move the National railroad passenger terminal to an area near the airport.

• Redevelop the Central train station as a local passenger and transit terminal with freight operations moved to other less valuable locations. All trains would be repositioned to subterranean terminal points.

• Antique locomotives currently located on an adjacent block to the train station would be moved into museum space created within the train station grounds

• Upgrade an existing plaza into a new park by the Railroad Station. The new green concept would turn the axis of the Railroad Station 90 degrees making the space more dynamic and reestablishing the green coming down to the water for providing direct access to the sea and for incorporating the remaining of the walls lit up from below.

Old Havana Waterfront

• Alter the existing Maestre Terminal for a wider range of cruise-ships with the middle pier removed to accommodate larger ships.

• Move the Habana Vieja harbor ferry terminal to a redeveloped building located further from the existing Maestre Terminal.

• Strengthen the Alameda de Paula, an existing promenade anchored by two important churches.

• The piers being dismantled now allow for a good opportunity for becoming public spaces by the water from which new fingers can emerge once the pavement is redone.

• Create a new commercial center with a Plaza at the current location of the monument to La Coubre, along with an amphitheater with a sculpture to terminate the view of the street with the sea in the background. Both the street and the lines should go underground to make a bridge- like walkway.

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